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We at RC Market Analytics Pvt. Ltd., use our corporate and business-level consulting expertise to support and enhance the growth of promising enterprises. Our research team uses the holistic approach that encompasses multiple facets of a business. We have developed a unique approach to problem-solving, that is time-tested.

We analyze every problem or situation from various perspectives. Consulting is multidisciplinary, which is why our team comprises not only market research analysts but also financial analysts and domain experts.

We offer multitudes of services, to name a few; primary and secondary research, business plans, product and application potential, market potential, demand forecasting, segmentation, targeting, positioning, investment, divestment, and data analytics.


Competitor’s analysis

Understanding your competition is important not only for acquiring market share but also for preserving the acquired market share. Our 360o approach to competitive landscaping ensures that our clients will not lose a competitive advantage. A few of the points that we include in our competitor’s analysis are

    • SWOT, PESTEL, and Porter’s five forces model
    • In-depth profiling of competitors
    • Benchmarking for performance measurement
    • Best practices used

Market entry analysis

Entering a new market bears significant risk. Your product may be a new product in an existing market or an existing product in a new market; either way, it is very important to formulate a market entry strategy and evaluate all potential risks associated with it. Our team of analysts and consultants study the product and market thoroughly and provides you with an insight that will help to reduce the risk significantly and sustain in the market. Key points studied in market entry analysis are

    • Study of the market and its key attributes
    • Key players in the market understudy
    • Product life cycle
    • Regulatory affairs and compliance
    • Buyer behavior and decision-making process
    • Entry barriers

Customer insights

Most of the markets are buyer’s markets; customer insights become very important. Understanding the potential customer is key to success. Our research analysts find out key attributes of customers in the region under study. Some of these points are

    • Customer segmentation analysis
    • Identify the segment to be targeted
    • Product positioning
    • Customer’s perception of competition

Supply chain analysis

The study of raw material procurement to distribution to end-user has proven to be an essential factor in success. A deficient supply chain is not going to help a company in the long term. In this supply chain analysis, our research analysts study the complete industry value chain. Some of the important points included in supply chain analysis are

    • Identification of suitable vendors
    • Study of current distribution network
    • Benchmarking vendors and distributors
    • Supply chain optimization

Pricing analysis

Appropriate pricing strategy is an important part of a business and benchmarking it against competitors is necessary in order to retain a competitive advantage. We study your and your competitors’ pricing strategies and provide suggestions accordingly. Some of the points we include in the pricing analysis are

    • Type of pricing strategy used by the competitor
    • Price benchmarking
    • Pricing objective i.e. revenue maximization, survival, etc.
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