How to Order

Before placing an order, you can request a free report sample to review. Once you are satisfied with our report sample and market stats and segments we are covering, you can place an order via the given option below. You can request a report sample by using the “Request Report Sample” link, available on the report overview page. And if you have any questions or queries about buying process you can also make an “Inquiry Before Buying”, or you have any further questions. If you are not satisfied with our provided data in the report sample, you can also customize your selected report, our research analyst will always be there to resolve your every query at any time. For any report customization or query, you could directly contact

Place Order Online:

You can place your order directly via our website. It is a very simple process. You just need to visit your selected product page and click on the buy now button. You need to select your license type and pay with a credit card. After receiving the payment, our team will contact you via call or email.

Place Order Via Email:

You can place your order via email. You just need to write your product name for example “Inulin Market Report”, full report title, and URL of the report/product page to with your all requirements and question. Kindly include your contact information with the preferred mode of payment. Our representative will contact you within 24 hours.

What are the methods of payment that are available?

We provide various methods of payment to our customers:

Wire Transfer: After you place an order, the official invoice statement will be mailed to you in your inbox if you are making payment through a wire transfer.

Credit Card: It is a fast mode of payment and ensures swift dispatch of your order. RC Market Analytics Pvt. Ltd. accepts MasterCard, Visa Cards, Diners Club, Maestro, and American Express. We will issue a payment receipt to you once your payment gets processed and send the scanned copy of the same to you through email.

PayPal: You can also choose PayPal as a mode of payment all through the checkout procedure.

Is the online ordering method safe?

RC Market Analytics Pvt. Ltd. commits you to make a safe & secure atmosphere for carrying out transactions online. Therefore it is sometimes essential for us to request/get certain specific information from you after receiving the order. The information is necessary to confirm the authenticity of the cardholder. We utilize this information provided by you to verify whether the cardholder is the same person who has ordered/subscribed to the market research report.

RC Market Analytics Pvt. Ltd. takes special care to protect your credit card. After placing an order on our website all the personal/confidential information that you provide to us is encoded with the help of Secured Sockets Layer 128-Bit Encryption. This technique protects your PC and assures the confidentiality of your data by protecting your data from malware, hacking, and malicious virus attacks. As a part of additional security measures, our online payment business deals make use of the CVV number – the last three digits of your debit card or credit card to safeguard/protect the card against the prevalent fraudulent practices of card fraud.

Report Delivery: The report will be delivered within 2 to 4 business days.

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