Market Research Services

RC Market Analytics Pvt. Ltd. is a full spectrum of market research and data analytics company. We provide services ranging from primary market research to secondary market research, syndicated market research to data analytics, and predictive modeling. Our research analysts are equipped with their vast experience to provide these services very efficiently. We make sure that the research contains as minimum bias as possible thereby giving actionable insights to the customers. The satisfaction of the customer is very paramount to us.

Focus Group

A Focus group is a highly targeted group of people who satisfy certain conditions like certain geography, demography, and behavior patterns. Participants involved in the focus group talk freely about their perception regarding a particular product or service or company. Our moderator makes sure everyone in the focus group is speaking freely and registering their opinions. Our trained moderators make sure that actionable insights are derived from the group.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is of two types. One is moderated and the other unmoderated. In usability testing, a user or participant uses the website or application that is to be tested out. While testing they sometimes speak out loud so that later on analysts can draw insights from their thoughts. With unmoderated testing there are some issues like the low motivation of the participants, hence it is very important to select the participants carefully.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Stakeholder Satisfaction Management and Measurement (SSMM or (SM)2) is a specialized unit of the RC Market Analytics Pvt. Ltd. In today’s competitive environment it is important to measure and manage the satisfaction level of your stakeholders. We have used stakeholders instead of using only customers or vendors. Stakeholders include your vendors, end-users, dealers, logistics partners, employees, shareholders, bankers, etc.

Online Research

Whenever there is geographical diversity among the participants of the focus groups or interviews, it becomes necessary to use the internet in order to complete the tasks. We conduct online focus groups wherein every participant and moderator is using their mobile device or computer to connect with the web conference. Online research can be used in the case of in-depth interviews as well. Also, online surveys are carried out using a number of web tools when using traditional survey methods is difficult.

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are very effective in getting personal thoughts and detailed insights. Our interviewers are experts as it is very important for an interviewer to remain objective and detached from the interviewee. Also, an interviewer should make sure that the right questions are asked that will not result in yes/no type answers. Plus it is mandatory for them to ask the questions until they get a proper answer. That’s why our interviewers are very important as they make sure they are thorough.

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